What Is Graphic Facilitation?!

Graphic Facilitaion Graphic Facilitation is a special facilitation technique that utilizes the power of visuals to help groups of people see their thinking and really ‘get their head around’ their particular situation. It’s a way of ‘doing a meeting’. The person leading the group (called a Graphic Facilitator) impartially helps people see what they currently know, and from there, make better informed decisions and conclusions.

“Graphic Facilitation is a type of “explicit group memory” – a way of capturing the thoughts of group members in real time and making those thoughts available to the whole group. Practitioners of graphic facilitation (called graphic facilitators or graphic recorders) use felt marking pens and large (4-feet-high and 10-to-15-feet-long) sheets of butcher paper, sometimes in combination with pre-made templates, for organizing group member’s thoughts.”
Geoff Ball, article in Mediate.com “Graphic Facilitation Focuses a Group’s Thoughts

Christina Merkley Facilitating

As a Graphic Facilitator, I help groups talk and think together. I help you see what you mean and share that meaning amongst yourselves and others. I help people get clear and get focused. Help you literally get onto ‘the same page’. Help you understand one another, work through difficulties and group dynamics to figure out what you want to do given your unique situation and perspective.

It is my belief that my clients have the answers within them. I am a process expert not a content expert. That means that I don’t tell you what I think you should do … rather I help you figure out your own options and answers. At the end of the day, you have to make your own decisions and decide upon your own plan of action … I literally draw your best plan out of you!

“Since Gutenberg and the onset of typewriters, publishing houses, and telecommunications, the job of providing cultural group memories and preserving core imagery has widened into an industry. In historical terms, we are now at a point where information itself has become such a vast frontier that charting a path across it, or reflecting that path for another, is a dizzying task. People are in great need of tools, technologies and frameworks for thinking which can hold information faithfully and facilitate its assimilation for successful applications.”
David Sibbet, A Brief History of Group Visuals, Fundamentals of Group Graphics

Talk And Think Together The Answers Are Within

“Graphic Facilitation creates “rich pictures” of complex situations that allow people to discuss specific issues without losing the context … develop a visual image of the problem, so they could then better focus on discussing the solutions. The real appeal of Graphic Facilitation is that it’s more than just a fancy way to take notes; it’s a technique for helping groups reach consensus and resolve disputes.”
Geoff Ball, article in Mediate.com “Graphic Facilitation Focuses a Group’s Thoughts

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