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“The BBC has employed Ms Merkley in London because she is quite simply the only person I know who has the ability to record discussions using the graphic process she has perfected. She has an extraordinary ability to capture the sentiment and dialogue of a group.”
Bob Nelson, Head of Organisation & Management Development, British Broadcasting Corporation, London

“I have worked with Christina Merkley on several occasions and have hired her to work for my clients. She has demonstrated exceptional skills in graphic artistry, meeting facilitation and business acumen … dynamically tracking interactions, conversations and the subtleties of senior executive meetings.”
Dave Donnan, VP of Consumer Industries, AK Kearney, Inc, Chicago

“The process Christina employs is exceptional. Her listening and tracking skills are superb! Without a doubt a great resource as our industries transform from the Industrial to the Information Age.”
Peter Gordon, Leader, Change Leader Network, Lucent Technologies

“I’ve worked with Christina on over a dozen consulting and change management projects since ’97. She’s exceptional … reactions to her work have ranged from happily impressed to outright awe. On a particularly high-level e-business strategy workshop for a Fortune 20 client, a member of the Dow-30, the executives’ collective opinion was that her abilities “allowed us to see things we’d been trying to see for weeks.”
Ken Weitzel, Managing Director, Future Foundry, LLC (former Principal, National Organizational Change Practice, CSC Consulting Group, a unit of Computer Sciences Corporation)

“At our county-wide planning process for women and children impacted by material substance use, Christina’s work was well received and rated “outstanding and unique”. I received several calls from other County departments interested in contacting her to utilize her excellent skills. She’s definitely made an impression as someone who can add a different perspective to the success of a meeting.”
Pat Kelsaw MSW, Regional Services Manager, Public Health Department, Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital

“In the last decade, the visual Strategy industry has grown from non-existence to being considered best practice by many corporations. By far the most difficult aspect of this growth has been sourcing people with the right mix of skills to do the work. Christina is without a doubt at the forefront of a rare and gifted group.”
Darren Addison, MD, Inter Action Strategic and Cultural Communication, Sydney, Australia

“Christina’s talents for reading a group’s energy and utilizing her range of tools and models to help create insight and growth are awesome. She is one of those unique facilitators that can help you see things you haven’t seen before without you even knowing its happening. Her work visually, creatively and intellectually is first class. I would work with her anytime, anywhere.”
Gordon Rudow, CEO, Bonfire Communications, San Francisco, CA

“We sought Christina's help at a moment of real challenge for our company. Lucky enough to prosper, we were beginning to feel the strains of corporate growth and needed to redefine our focus, locate our identity, and choose a future. Using a compelling method and a powerful set of tools, Christina helped us find our direction. The team emerged with a shared big picture of our future, specific and measurable action plans, and a renewed energy and sense of commitment. Did it work? Yes! I recommend her work to my colleagues regularly.”
Brady O. Bruce, Senior VP, Marketing and Business Development (formerly) NightFire Software, Oakland, CA

"An innovative and creative way to 'extract' ideas and concepts – meeting productivity is increased substantially by incorporating Christina's graphic facilitation skills. I've worked with Christina on a couple of facilitation workshops; the meeting outcomes and results were excellent. The visual approach is fun, leading to a relaxed atmosphere right from the start. The advance prep and follow-up deliverables were second to none - fantastic! Gives the content a life well after the meeting."
Brad Babcook, Internal Consultant, Strategic Customer & Supplier Management, British Columbia Buildings Corporation (BCBC), Victoria, BC

“I know Christina and her work through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Visioning program and through an ambitious web project involving both the AICPA and a coalition of over 40 state societies as well as a major Internet project involving over 50 state CPA Associations. Her skills played a vital role in developing the strategic plan and have hugely supported our efforts to literally revolutionize our profession. I have never seen a facilitating technique as effective as this one. Her familiarity with our projects is absolutely invaluable.”
Tom Hood, Chairman, National CPA Vision Project & CEO, Maryland Assn of CPAs

“Christina is truly a gifted facilitator; intelligent, talented and her spirit is so gentle. Her time has come of age … I believe her process of coaching/facilitating/recording others to awareness and success in their personal/professional realms is a cutting edge learning opportunity!”
Cathy McKenzie, Faculty, Royal Roads University, Leadership & Training MA Program, Victoria, BC

“I brought Christina in to graphically record a circle dialogue I was leading with emergency room nurses. Graphic facilitation is a great way to visually capture what participants are saying: both verbally and non-verbally – it captures and validates the true emotion of what is being voiced. Not only did the graphics confirm what was really being said, but they created a tangible image of it – helping others see the bigger picture of the problem being discussed – a first step in finding solutions to complex conflicts.”
Jane Grant MA, Nursing Instructor, University of Victoria / Camosun College, Victoria BC

“Christina’s skills as a graphic facilitator are first-rate as is her internal compass as a consultant. When a deal is really important, you don’t want the junior law associate, you want a partner with real experience - the same thing with strategic facilitation. Christina is a real pro who invariably raises the level of creativity and focus when she is in the room. I have the highest regard for the work she performed internally at Digital 4Sight as well as in partnership with us for our clients such as Diageo, HP and IBM.”
Phil Hood, former CEO of Digital 4Sight, Toronto, now Partner, Transcend Strategy Group, San Jose, CA (author of forthcoming book, Solving Problems 2x2: Dialectics for the Real World).

“Our staff loved working graphically with Christina. It felt good to literally ‘see’ how much we have accomplished over the last year and to affirm what is working well.”
Judy Robbins, Principal, Journey Middle School, Sooke, B.C.

“Christina delivered on all of our commitments much to the delight of me and my team. We’ll be using her and her effective visual approach again!!”
Erik Djukastein, President, Contech Electronics, Victoria, B.C.

“Great job in keeping us focused while allowing time to reflect and discuss. Visuals helped to focus the group energy. Her process allowed us to speak as individuals while simultaneously building the goals and direction for the group; highly effective facilitating.”

“Christina is a true facilitator – attentive, focused on the group, conscientious about recording exactly what she hears and helping a group towards clarity.”

“Christina has a great deal of skill in assisting others to clarify thoughts and take steps to MOVE FORWARD.”
David Hoskins, Principal and The Rowing Club (teachers), Sir James Douglas School, Victoria, B.C.

“My work with Christina allowed me to gain valuable insights about my administrative team. The honest dialogue facilitated by her allowed us to set the stage for some true “teaming”. The plan developed left all of us feeling hopeful and encouraged”.
Joey Salhi, Principal, New Westminster Secondary School, New Westminster, B.C.

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