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"When a colleague suggested hiring a graphic recorder for an important meeting last summer, Laurie Davies Adams was skeptical. "I thought it was a major expense", says Adams, who owns a management firm near San Francisco. "I couldn't figure out why we should bother". Adams eventually agreed, however, and is glad she did. "What happened (in the meeting) was quite magical", she says. "I was stunned at this graphic recording process... it takes conversation and gives it a visual dimension that everyone can respond to." Adams is not alone in her enthusiasm. Other clients rave about the 'ahhas' that graphic recording elicits from meeting participants, the 'richness' of the visual record, and the way a group 'makes breakthroughs' more readily when a graphic recorder is present. One client even gushed about how graphic recording 'reflects the inner soul of a meeting."
Excerpt from article in by Jennifer Thomas-Larmer. To read full article go to:

Scene of graphic recording performed live during large event.
Photo courtesy of Lynn Carruthers of GBN.
Christina ‘at the wall’ recording a live session on values and vision.

Christina’s Recording Fees and Availability:

I am a very skilled Graphic Recorder with over twelve years of experience and over 700 meetings under my belt . I also train and mentor others in these rare and strategic skills (see Training Page).

Please Note: Due to the demands of my coaching, facilitation and training schedule, I’m pretty selective of the graphic recording jobs I take on these days – mostly only large conference work where I create a ‘Key Messages Mural’ or with organization’s who have a social benefit mission that I’m interested in. In the event that I am unable or uninterested in your event, I am happy to speak or email with you to determine your needs and give you a quality referral to one of my graphic colleagues or mentees. I have a select roster of preferred referrals that I can share with you – my list of recommended graphic practitioners throughout the globe. Also folks who can record in different languages.

General Fees: (in the event I can provide services for you).

Graphic recording work is quoted on a per event basis, as each event is unique and has its own requirements and needs. Often pre and post time is also needed (for prep and documentation) in addition to actual time spent in room. I calculate off of a $2200 per day rate for corporate work. $1500 for not-for-profits.

Ballpark figures for half day, day, multi-day events:
Half day, approx. $2200
Day, approx. $3300
2 day, approx $5500
Multi-day approx. $6-10,000+

Please Note:

Direct expenses (travel, accommodation, meals, materials, etc.) are additional.

Approximate fees include basic pre-meeting prep (up to half day) and creation of graphic meeting report.

50% upfront required to secure dates, remaining 50% invoiced upon completion of work.

Fees are in Canadian Funds, use Universal Currency converter to convert to your currency.

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