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Beautiful Victoria Find out what the locals know, Victoria, British Columbia is a jewel of a location! Located on the tip of a large island, kiddy-corner to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, B.C., this city is an attraction onto itself and is the ideal location to do deep, reflective thinking about your life and direction. Sunny, moderate temperatures in the summer, and mild and misty in the winter … Victoria has lots to see and do. As an international vacation destination there is a full range of local accommodations to choose from as well as great restaurants, golf, tennis, whale watching, hiking, boating, fishing, First Nations art, museums, spas …etc!

Want some more information on Victoria, B.C.?

Check out these great sites chock full of information on the local sites and amenities. My studio is a short 10-minute walk from the downtown core; so most hotels are within walking distance or a short taxi ride.
Beautiful Beaches Inner Harbour

Transportation to Victoria:

Victoria, British Columbia is located on the tip of Vancouver Island, nestled on the Canadian and U.S. border on the Pacific Northwest. You can access Victoria via air and ferry transportation from either Vancouver, B.C. or Seattle, WA.


Major Airlines:
Most Canadian and American airlines operate connecting flights to Victoria. You can check out the Victoria International Airport for more information ( or contact the airline of your choice.

You might also want to compare fares via these online services, shop around though, as fares can vary drastically:

Canadian online travel sites:

American online travel sites:

Charter Airlines:
Some people prefer to take quick charter flights over to Victoria, again, from either Vancouver or Seattle. Some of these companies also offer package deals on accommodations, so be sure to check out and compare their handy offerings. Here are a few of your options for spectacular scenery and a quick and exciting way to get here:

Seattle-Victoria (and return):

Seattle Tourism Info:

Seattle, Washington
Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver-Victoria (and return):

Vancouver Tourism Info:


The Seattle ferries land right in downtown Victoria As Victoria is on and island you either have to fly over water or take a ferry over it. The ferries to Victoria can be a fun experience if you’ve never experienced them before. The scenic views on the Vancouver-Victoria route have been featured in a number of movies over the years and if you get lucky, you might spot some killer whales on your way over!

Ferries operate from the Seattle side and the Vancouver side. The Seattle ferries land right in downtown Victoria. The Vancouver ferries land about 30 km north of Victoria. If you are taking the Vancouver ferry its best to also arrange ground transportation (either rent a car, or take the handy coach bus service which runs from downtown Vancouver or the Vancouver Airport to the bus terminal in downtown Victoria).

A lot of these transportation companies also offer package deals on accommodations, so be sure to check out and compare their handy offerings.

Seattle to Victoria: Vancouver to Victoria:

Click here for a short 7-minute video all about Victoria from Tourism Victoria


As you can imagine, I have done A LOT of my own personal visioning over the years. And as a result I have created a unique lifestyle for myself that includes living in a beautiful and natural part of the world and a work environment that is personal, comfortable and as informal as possible. I believe that people work best when they are comfortable and relaxed. When they can get away from the hustle and bustle of their usual lives, roll up their sleeves and be themselves. To that effect, I have created a studio in my home, where I work with my clients. It is casual, comfortable and within walking distance of many of the local sites and amenities that make Victoria the world-class tourist destination that it is.

The Victoria Studio The Victoria Studio
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